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Benefit Programs

We can help you design and implement a competitive and cost-effective benefits plan for your employees.

If your organization needs to create a benefit package that attracts quality applicants and retains employees, an integrated employer provided benefits plan may be the answer.


A well designed, comprehensive benefit package can include:  vacation / paid time off (PTO); sick leave, personal time, paid holidays, health, dental, and vision insurance; life and disability insurance; 401(k) or other types of pension / retirement plans; flexible spending and/or health savings accounts; and many others.


Some have costs, some don’t.  But all should be considered when designing a benefit plan to best serve the company and the employees.


In addition to designing your benefits plan, The Employment Source will work with your current service vendors and/or locate, help you evaluate, and manage vendors providing benefit services.  We will ensure that you are getting the maximum bang for each dollar you spend on company benefits.

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