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Choosing Us

Choose us to join your team.

We have the experience. Annette is a nationally certified HR consultant, fully trained, with over 20 years in HR management, who has been serving the Quad Cities area and the Midwest region since 1996.  Working with employers from all industries and sizes, we understand our community and your needs.  You can trust our knowledge, skill, and integrity.


You save money. As a single source provider for all your HR needs, you have access to our entire staff and expertise without having to locate and hire or retain specialists in each area.  The comprehensive HR coverage provided by The Employment Source allows you to have the benefits of a full HR department without the need to hire and staff it yourself.


You can act with confidence. With our readily available support in a broad range of business needs, you can focus on profitability knowing that you have up-to-date support in employment law, compensation, hiring, firing, and development of your people and organization.


You can focus on what you do best. Most owners and managers did not go into business to manage human resources.  However, success in business does require quality HR management.  We allow you to focus on operations, customer service, and profitability while we take care of the rest.

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