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Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

  • Writing ads and advertising in the right places


Not all job applicants read the newspaper or search on line. Depending on your business and the job you need filled we will write a job ad that will catch the attention of the people you want to attract. Then we will help you select the most cost effective place to advertise your job.



  • Screening applicants


Our services don’t stop with running your ad. If you want, we will collect all responses, evaluate candidates, conduct interviews, check backgrounds, and turn over to you a list of qualified candidates to interview. Or, if you want, we will narrow the list down further and give you the one or two best fits for your needs. We can also prepare custom interview questionnaires for your managers and ranking tools to help them in the process. We will design a process that fits the culture and personalities of the hiring decision maker(s) in your business.



  • Keeping track of your applicant pool


In addition to managing your selection and hiring process, we can manage contact with those you do not select. This includes keeping them advised of their status, retaining information for use in other openings you may have, and generating applicant demographic reports for any government or internal reporting requirements you may have.



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