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Training and Developement Seminars

  • HR Basics


We will train your management and front-line supervisors on the HR do’s and don’ts. From the Fair Labor Standards Act requirements for employee classification, time recording,and overtime to how to properly document employee behavior and discipline. We can design any basic training to fit the needs of your staff.



  • Harassment awareness


Not knowing how to respond to a complaint of workplace harassment can end up costing you money. We offer workplace respect and harassment training to your employees to enhance employee satisfaction and avoid costly claims.



  • Workplace violence awareness


Providing a safe workplace for your employees is required by federal and state law. Knowing how to respond when faced with workplace violence is critical in assuring the well-being of your workforce. We offer training in how to handle violent situations AND how to anticipate and respond to pre-violent behaviors.



  • Customized training programs


Have specific problems, specialized needs, or industry requirements? We will design a training program that will meet your needs, improve your workplace, and keep you compliant.



  • I-9 Training


Managing I-9s and storing them properly is not complicated. But if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be costly. We will audit your existing practices and help you fix any problems and educate your staff to keep you complaint.




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