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Workers' Compensation

  • Workers' Compensation policy administration


Getting quotes on workers compensation insurance, understanding your choices, reviewing your loss histories, managing your claims, working with adjusters, tracking your injured workers, and closing workers compensation claims is confusing, time consuming, cost lots of money, and takes you away from running your business. We can manage all of this for you, or we can set up training and processes to teach your people how to do this. Either way we are helping you make choices to save money and freeing you up to run your business.



  • Workers' Compensation injury and claims management


When a workplace injury occurs, managing it from the beginning is the most effective way to reduce the cost of the injury and in many cases, prevent the injury from being OSHA recordable. Minimizing the cost and avoiding OSHA recordable incidents are effective means to reduce your workers compensation costs. We can develop an injury management plan for your supervisors to follow or we can manage the injury, medical treatment, recovery, and return to work, for you.



  • Return To Work program


The most effective way to reduce workers compensation costs, other than preventing safety incidents, is to have an aggressive return to work program for employees who experience a work related injury. We can design and help you implement such a program. If you need, we will manage it for you.


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