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Since opening in 1996, The Employment Source has been developing a strong reputation in the Quad City area for finding the right fit between employer and employee.​ We focus on recruiting and placing talented and experienced clerical, administrative, and professional candidates. Positions may be permanent, temporary, or temp to hire depending on the employer’s needs.


To ensure the needs of both the employee and the employer are properly met, we have all employees complete a pre-employment application with The Employment Source. This simple process helps us to better understand the talents and skills of all our candidates. Our process includes the following steps:


  • Call us and schedule a professional interview so we can learn more about you.

    • Arrive on time, be prepared, and bring an updated resume.

    • During the interview, you will complete an application for employment, a reference waiver, and a criminal background check release form.

    • Please allow two hours to complete the interview, application, and possible skill testing.


  • Complete skills testing.

    • We may schedule a separate time for skills testing depending on the skills required for potential placements.

    • The test results are used to assess your current skill level. If the scores are lower than desired, we will discuss with you options for training that may improve your marketability.


  • Cooperate with reference and criminal background checks.

    • Thorough collection and review of this information can take several days.

    • To expedite this process, bring current and prior addresses for you and your previous employers, as well as current phone numbers for employer contacts.

    • Having contact information for 2-3 additional professional contacts is recommended.


  • Complete The Employment Source orientation if selected for employment.

    • Orientation consists of reviewing the Employment Source policies and procedures and may include a review of the policies and procedures of the location where you may be placed.

    • You will also complete federal work authoritzation forms (requiring presentation of acceptable forms of ID), required state and federal forms, and any forms required by the location where you may be placed.

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