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HR Adminstration Services

  • Creation and maintenance of compliant employee files


Certain documents should be kept in an employee’s personnel file and certain documents should not.  Some information must be retained but needs to be segregated into a separate file.  We know how to create a compliant and user-friendly employee file system and can set up the system for you.  We will review your current files, note any deficiencies, design a solution for correcting any deficiencies, and create a new filing system to best fit your company’s needs.



  • Employee communications on any subjects


The positive impact on your business of frequent and relevant communication with your employees cannot be underestimated. This includes informational communication as well as counseling and discipline on job performance. We can review your communication practices and help you improve the performance of your company through better employee communication.



  • Job descriptions, physical requirements, and hazard assessments


Thorough job descriptions help employees and managers understand job expectations and can provide a framework for performance management. They can also protect an employer from claims of discrimination which can be costly. Quality, compliant job descriptions should not only describe the job and work requirements, but should also define the physical requirements to perform the job, and assess any job hazards. We can assess your needs, observe and understand your jobs, and prepare job descriptions that will do all of this for you.



  • Management best practices training and consultation


Your business is unique. But many good business practices are not and may help you move to the next level. We will get to know you and your business and educate you and your managers on how to take good business practices and principles and apply them to your unique business, market, and needs.



  • Preparing and filing of reports to maintain government compliance, such as EEO-1, newhire reporting, etc.


When you went into this business you probably didn’t realize that so much of your time would be spent filling out government required forms or making sure someone else was getting them filed. We can take that responsibility on for you, freeing you up to run the business like you always planned.



  • Investigations into HR issues


We all hope we never have to deal with problem employees, or worse when running our business. Employees with problems ranging from theft from the company, to discrimination or harassment claims, to serious violations of company policy happen to everyone at one time or another. When these problems occur, how they are handled from the beginning can minimize the impact on your business. We can step in as a neutral third party to investigate these problems, interview those involved, and guide you through a professional resolution that will save you time and money.



  • Unemployment claims management


Paying a separated employee unemployment compensation costs you money. Although it cannot always be avoided, managing a separation of an employee for cause before they are let go can help ensure that you do not have to incur this expense. We know when you will have to pay and when you can avoid it. We can guide you through the process, or take the process on and handle it for you. Everything from termination of a problem employee, to protesting the unemployment claim, to managing any appeal.



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