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At TES, we offer the full array of human resource services. This includes assistance in recruiting, screening, hiring, discipline, termination and absolutely anything else HR related. We learn what you do and what you need so we can find the best employees for your needs, or bring out the best in the employees you have.


When you partner with TES your employees remain yours. While we handle all your human resource matters, you remain the employer and fully responsible for your employees. Your employees also remain loyal to you because their paychecks and benefits have your company name on them. TES really is your in-house HR department. Your employees just see us as the HR people.


Even with the high level of service you receive from TES you benefit from lower costs. You could not hire one person who would have the experience and skill of our staff. You get the knowledge and expertise of an experienced HR staff without having to recruit, hire, and pay individually for all the people whose service you are receiving.


Although we offer a complete HR solution for your company, we also offer just the services you need, when you need, at a price you can afford. Review our list of solutions below, check off what interests you have, and call us to create a solution that fits your needs.



You can see that the services we provide will reduce your workload immensely and allow you to pay attention to what you do best – run your business. You can focus on your business and we will take care of the personnel issues. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let us know what you need. We’ll design a solution to fit you that gives you choices and control over your business. Let us take the worry out of HR. At TES, we’ve got your back!


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