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Smoking Bans in the Workplace: The Law and How to do It Correctly


In 2008, both Iowa and Illinois joined the majority of the country in passing laws prohibiting smoking in most places of employment.




The Iowa Smokefree Air Act prohibits smoking in nearly all public places, enclosed areas within places of employment, and company vehicles (i.e., vehicles owned, leased or provided by the employer). Some outdoor areas are also included in the smoking ban, such as school athletic fields, parking lots and playgrounds, and restaurant outdoor seating areas. Iowa continues to permit smoking on the gaming floor of a licensed casino and in designated hotel/motel rooms.


In order to comply with the Smokefree Air Act, Iowa businesses must post “no smoking” signs and take certain compliance actions. 





Unless specifically exempted, the Smoke-free Illinois Act prohibits smoking in all indoor public places and workplaces. Examples of “public places” include bars, restaurants, churches, gaming facilities, private clubs, and enclosed or partially enclosed sports arenas. Specific types of businesses are exempted from the smoking ban and, unlike Iowa, company vehicles of private employers in Illinois are not included in the smoking ban.


As in Iowa, “no smoking” signs must be posted and meet certain specifications. Illinois business owners are also required to take additional compliance actions. Click here to read more


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The Employment Source is knowledgeable in reviewing your employment policies and practices to make certain you have proper signage and appropriate policies regarding the operation and maintenance of a smoke-free business. Illinois and Iowa employers concerned about complying with their state’s smoking ban are encouraged to contact us. At The Employment Source, we’ve got your back.




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