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Employee Handbook & Forms

  • Applications and hiring documents


Having a compliant, thorough, and good looking application packet for potential candidates is an important statement about your business. If not done correctly it can get you in trouble. There are many things you can ask (some of which you probably aren’t) and many things you cannot ask (some of which you may be asking). We can design an application and other hiring documents that will put your best foot forward and keep you out of trouble.



  • Client form guides


We will put together all the basic forms and explanation documents you will need from application, hire documents and orientation training documents, to insurance and pension enrollment, and change forms. Everything to make it easy to manage the paper.



  • Basic employee handbooks


Every company needs certain written policies to be in compliance with state and federal laws, and to effectively operate the business. We can prepare a basic handbook that will include the basic policies every company should have and the compliance requirements that they must have.



  • Custom employee handbooks


Need more than the basic because of multiple locations, varying business needs, a desire to change company culture, or specific industry or market requirements? We will research your business needs and industry specific regulations to make sure we write a custom handbook to fit your needs and keep you compliant.

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