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Drug-Free Workplace Programs

The Employment Source can help you work through all the considerations to determine if a drug testing program is right for your company.  If it is, we can design a program that addresses the risks in your workplace, is cost effective, is legally compliant, and minimizes disruption.


Whether a workplace drug testing program is right for your company depends on a number of considerations:

    • How many employees are involved?

    • What risks are your employees exposed to in the workplace?

    • Do your employees operate machines or motor vehicles as part of their jobs?

    • What state(s) does your business operate in?

    • How much testing do you want?  Pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, drugs (and which ones), alcohol, etc . . .

    • What is the cost of the program?


The Employment Source will review your organization’s needs and customize an alcohol and drug-free workplace program that fits.  We’ll create your written policy, locate conveniently located testing providers, and set up your policies and protocols.  Testing programs can include all or a selected number of options:

    • Pre-employment

    • Reasonable suspicion

    • Post-accident

    • Random

    • DOT compliant


We can also provide confidential, HR management of the test results, employee notification of results, and removal of employees from service when necessary.



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