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Frequently Asked Questions 


Why can't we just use someone else's handbook or buy one off the Internet?

We see it all the time.  “You” take a handbook and simply change the name.  That’ll work, right? No way.  One size certainly does not fit all.  Your company is unique. Our experience has shown us that when meeting with a new client, the first 30 or more minutes are spent discussing with the client the uniqueness of their company and employees and how those factor into their industry and market. Why would you want to manage this uniqueness with an employee manual and management policies that do not fit your company or reflect your values. ? Stop and think:  What is your family medical leave policy and is it what you want?  Do you allow casual Fridays? Is allowing rollover of vacation or PTO a good idea for your company?  (Think about the financial liability on this one?.)   Do you have a policy on social media that limits what your employees can post on blogs and Facebook about the company, customers, or other employees? Do you need one?  Do your policies comply with recent changes in State and Federal law?  Or are you using someone else’s handbook that is out of date? 

You may even have locations in different states with vastly different sets of employment laws and regulations.  For example, do you know when you can legally deduct for stolen property from an employee’s paycheck in Iowa versus Illinois?  Are you required to payout unused vacation even when you fire someone for theft? Do you have to give a fired employee their final paycheck on the day you fire them?  It depends on the state.


Why does my company need safety program services?

Workplace safety training and safe practices may not seem very important in your workplace, but federal and state law requires that all employees (even those in office settings) have basic safety training and education about their rights.  Remember, it only takes one serious injury, health incident, or compliance violation to bring your operations to a halt or increase your insurance costs.  Either can put the continued success of your business at risk.


The Employment Source staff can review your workplace and design a safe practices program to protect your employees, bring you in compliance, and maximize your company’s efficiency and productivity.  And for those times when an accident or injury does occur, The Employment Source can provide your company with effective loss control and claims management procedures to minimize cost and downtime.


Does The Employment Source provide legal advice and representation?


At The Employment Source we say, “We don’t give legal advice, we give good advice.”  Although our staff includes two attorneys, we do not provide legal representation or advice.  But with this knowledge and expertise working for you, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality HR support.  When legal help is needed, we will alert you and work with your attorney to simplify the issues, provide support, and minimize the amount of legal time and support you need.

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